Hi all:

Platform: 2 Sun E450s
OS: Solaris 2.6
VCS: 1.1.2

I am having a weird problem here. I have two node cluster, one
box is primary and the other one is secondary. I only have one
Service_Group and all the resources are part of that
Service_Group. Now, the design is, that Service_Group will be
online only on one node at a time. If the Service_Group is online
on the primary node, and I add a resource to it, (by make the
configuration in writable mode and then dumping into read only
mode) the "local" main.cf file doesn't get updated at all,
however the "main.cf" file on the secondary node gets updated.

Why VCS would do that? It wasn't doing that when I started
working on the project. There are no core files and there are
no error messages in the log files.

I even tried starting the "had" in the stale mode on the
primary node, but still "main.cf" file doesn't get updated.

Any ideas?