VCS Gurus,
Here is the Platform info : 2x enterprise 420s with solaris 2.7
D1000 shared storage
VM version 3.0.4
VCS version 1.1.2

Here is the problem :
vm requires that the first dg should be rootdg and it should have
atleast one disk.
rootdg cannot be shared between servers in a HA config .(?)
i want to keep my root disks under DiskSuite control and DO NOT want to
encapsulate them under vm.

How do i achieve this without wasting space equal to two shared disks
(one for each server) for creating rootdg ? I basically want to
maximize my shared storage and not use vm for root disks.

Am i asking the right question here or am i totally on the wrong track ?
any help will be appreciated.

Rahul Sen