My question is how VCS is to start and monitor all of my
Application Services normally started in /etc/rc2.d????

I take it that now I have to make what I would normally start
in /etc/rc2.d, I have to make them all process agents, under
VCS control, so that they will failover to my backup server.

The info that Mr. Sato provided helped my out greatly.
I am interested in how others have configured their
process agents to handle what normally goes in the
/etc/rc2.d for application services. Some of the scripts
in my /etc/rc2.d are fairly lengthy and I am really interested
in how others integrated theirs into VCS, since you just
can't use start as an argument.


"Wataru Sato" wrote:
>The "Process Agent" can only be used when the name of start
>command of apache is as just same as a status of "ps command"
>I suggest that you may work Process Agent using following entry.
>But I think the best way to solve this problem is to create new
>apache agent.
>Process Apache (
> PatheName = "/opt/apache/bin/httpd"
> Arguments = "-f /opt/apache/conf/httpd.conf"
> )
>Wataru Sato -Nippon Steel Corp, JAPAN
>"Greg (shoe) Schuweiler" wrote:
>>In version 1.1.2 of VCS -- What would keep a app (Apache) from
>>coming online?
>> Process Apache (
>> PatheName = "/opt/apache/bin/apachectl"
>> Arguments = "start"
>> )
>>There! Some has used this now!