Regarding BackupExec 8.6 on Windows ...

I have a situation where an NTFS partition was (erroneously) set to use compression;
it was *not* our original intention to use compression (and, to tell you
the true, I'm not quite sure exactly when/how it got set that way).

Anyway, the "problem" (more like a "situation") that I'm running into now,
is, whenever I restore data from tapes that were made of that compressed
partition, the folders/files are being restored again in compressed form
- even when I redirect the restore to a non-compressed partition.

We're about to set up a completely new system, and migrate the data by restoring
from a current full backup ... but we don't want the data to be compressed
on the new system.

How do I go about instructing BackupExec *not* to set compression on the
restored data? I suspect that there is a (less than obvious? ) option
somewhere, but I just can't seem to find it.

(Truthfully, the fact that BackupExec behaved this way in the first place,
was a bit of a surprise. I would have expected the NTFS filesystem to decompress
the data when it was read from the disk [during the backup], and that BackupExec
would just "do it's thing" [i.e. either compress the data onto the tape,
or not, based on the backup options]. Then, I would have expected it to
be up to the filesystem on the restore target, whether or not to compress
the data - regardless of how it is stored on the tape.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide any insight!


Brant Burrow