Running 9.0 backup exec backing up 2 Windows 2000 Exchange servers. Backups
have been running like crap. Veritas as well as Dell involved for 3 weeks
with no aid in sight. Main problem, Full backups of the 2 exchange servers,
when they work, are running up to 30 hours each! They used to run in about
9 hours, data has nor grown that much at all. New tape drives, reload of
all software, new cables, cards, tapes, you name it, have made no difference,.
It seems like the backups start ok at normal speed, than slow down as time
goes by till after about 13 hours or so they are only running at about 20
MB a min eventualy they just stall. This only occurs on my exchange servers.
all other sevrers which backup in less than 3 hours run fine, ner have a
problem. Ive had my newtwork people scope the lines and they say other than
some soft write errors they dont see anything. Anyone else have anything
like this happen or know of a answer? Thanks, Dave, Pasco County Fl.