Same issue here running a duplicate back up to disk job, 25% of the time
fails with the same error inconsistent error as you, 75% of the time works
fine - no changes to the job in between. Have done all the driver, catalog
rebuilding, database rebuilding, etc under the sun.

also have an issue where if job A is run to disk, a duplicate of job A to
tape hangs in a loading state. if I reverse and do the original to tape and
the duplicate to disk it runs ok but still 25% of the time get the
inconsistant error. also did all the driver, calalog rebuilding, database
rebuilding, etc under the sun for this issue.

have also replaced the device where back up to disk is/was/sometimes
actually runs to as well as my tape device. so, now both devices are brand
spanking new and same issues. I did not replace these devices because of
those problems, but for other reasons. However, a reasonable conclusion from
that is the same error across multiple devices, after trying every step
Veritas could think of several times, means it must be software bugs that
they won't fix because they want to sell the new version.

In my experience, since V8.5, Veritas has performed absolutely horribly for
me. Up to 8.5 everything ran well for me, 8.6 was ok but had some issues.
Since then, completely inconsistent and contacting support never ever gets
beyond the basics of drivers, catalogs, and databases. I can't seem to get
tech support to flip over their card to get beyond those steps. So, far I've
repeated them several times at their insistance and have yet to have them
fix any issue. It seems many folks are havings tons of issues with Veritas
software and support. I hope we are all loud and persistant with our issues
with them to send them a message that this is unacceptable.

"Brian" wrote in message
> "Eric Smith" wrote:
> >I have this same problem and Veritas has no idea how to fix it or what's
> >causing the problem. I've been given all the rigmarole about drivers,

> >changers, removable storage, etc (Of course I've been working with 8.6

> >3 years now so of course I've already done this, and know what does and

> doesn't
> >cause problems). I'm running 9.1 4691, and have even tried completely

> >current catalogs and re-cataloging the tape which gives the same error.

> >Oh and get this, not only do I get this error, SOME OF MY CATALOGS ARE

> > Something tells me the two are related, but Veritas (after 2 days on the
> >phone) doesn't know what the problem is.
> >

> funny you should say this. I took that shared drive out of the mix and the
> backup was just fine. I still get the inconsistent error on sundays job.
> they told me the exact samethign as they told you. I just cleaned the tape
> drive prior to fridays too.