Dear All,

Since a week or two ago, the connection to the Backup Exec's SQL database
is intermittent and drops at seemingly random occasions.

I usually leave the console screen open (to see the backup results), and
every now and then, an error message comes up as,

"The connection to the Backup Exec database has been lost. Make sure
that network cables are properly attached and plugged in, and that
services are running for the SQL Server instance on which the Backup Exec
database is installed".

The above results in loss of connection with BE's SQL database
(obviously), and the application must need to close. Worse, this often
corrupts the database file. Then I need to use BEUtility.exe to Repair
the database.

Has anyone encountered a problem like this before? I searched through
Veritas' knowledge base but with no success.

Also in the Application Log in Event Viewer, Event ID 57345 logs with a
message "BeServer lost connection to the database. Some operations may
not work properly."

ANY help, advice or suggestion on this matter is appreciated!

Things I have tried so far:

- Uninstall and Reinstall Backup Exec 9.1 but NOT the SQL server
components (how do I do that anyway?)

System info is as follows:

Windows 2000 Server SP4
Backup Exec 9.1 SP1 with all hotfixes
running on
Dell PowerEdge 1600 w/ dual P3 Xeon, 512MB RAM, 30GB HD space (more than
60% free)