"Pablo Julian Pedrocca" wrote:
>I have Veritas Backup Exec installed in a Windows 2000 server. It is
>configured to back up itself and a Windows 2003 box with the remote agent
>installed on it. The Shadow Copy Component is included in both backups.

>backup log looks fine (completed successfully)
>However, another engineer in my company mentioned that the backups of a

>box should be done with another W2K3 box.
>Is that correct? Or can I backup a W2K3 box from a W2K box?
>I checked the knowledgebase and I am sure it's possible, but couldn't find
>any place where it was explicity mentioned .
>Sorry for the newbie question, and thanks in advance,

Backing up a W2K3 server from a W2K server with Backup Exec 9.0 upwards is
perfectly acceptable (I have tried and successfully restored fully both versions
this way during our quaterly DR tests). I use the same as yourself, have
a W2K server acting a media server backing up 8 other servers (combination
of W2K3 and W2K including SQL and Exchange etc). All restore perfectly at
DR site.

Hope this helps!