I have a working Backup Exec 9.1 in a test lab that out of
nowhere starts failing when doing backups, complaining about an
authentication failure connecting to the server. The server is
in this case the local server that runs Backup Exec 9.1.

Apparently lots of people have the same problem. I see dozens
of similar complaints in this newsgroup. We tried all of the
technical documents on resetting security security on the domain
controller, and we verified that these security attributes were
inherited by the backup server. We even tried uninstalling
Backup Exec and re-installing from scratch. It makes no
difference. Backups still fail with authentication errors.

Our setup in the lab is that we installed Backup Exec 9.1 while
logged in as the domain administrator. All services except
remote agent are running in the security context of the domain
administrator. Both the local adminstrator and the domain
administrator are registered logon accounts in Backup Exec.

Has anyone discovered a magic bullet to getting rid of this
problem? My sense is that somehow in the Windows service, the
domain administrator logon context has timed out and somehow
isn't working properly. I've seen this on other Windows
machines whenever you have a service with a fixed password.
Occasionally these accounts just go bezerk and no matter what you
do you cannot get the security context to take effect anymore.
I'm open to any ideas at this point.

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