I have two identical servers, one test and one production. I want to do a
full backup of production and do a full restore onto the test server. Reason
is that the hardware configuration on prod is wrong so I want to set up test
right and do a restore. Basically just pulling a swap because the
application running on prod is not easy to get working. It took 2 months to
finally get it going originally. Drive letters won't change just hardware
RAID configs and partition sizes. My question is can Veritas give me step by
step instructions on how they recommend doing this process? I have tried one
restore already and it did not work. Systems are Windows 2000 member servers
with SP3. Servers are Dell PowerEdge 2650's. I have done the exact procedure
on NT4 boxes using ARCServe and it always worked fine so I'm not sure if
something is different using Veritas. Any help on this would be awesome.

Gary N.