We are running BE v9.1 rev4691 on Win2k. Hardware consist of two Compaq
MSL5026 connected via a data router and a fiber switch. SSO option is
installed in order to see the tape drives and libraries via fiber. The
Import and Export functions used to work flawlessly until recently. Nothing
was changed prior to this malfunction. Now when I do an Import to import a
tape via the mail slot, the following happens in sequence:

- right-click on a slot, then select import within BE console
- both libraries proceed to initialize themselves and scans through all bar
codes on all tapes - this shouldn't happen! already initialized!
- after initialization, I see box pop up on console to insert tape, so I do
- both libraries proceed to initialize themselves again!
- robotic arm finally goes and grabs tape from mail slot, but does not put
it in the right slot. It puts it in a free slot counting down from the
highest number slot.
- I get another pop up box on BE console telling me to insert a tape, which
I already did! What's going on?! BE does not recognize a tape has been

Right now I resort to taking out the entire tape magazines, insert manually,
and do a refersh/scan. Backup runs normally without errors. Both libraries
and tape drives have the most recent firmware. BE9.1 has latest updates and
drives have most updated drivers from Veritas. Export function works as it
should still. All drivers start without errors.

please assist