hopefully a relatively simple question: in a nutshell, what versions of
windows agents should be on the media server and remote machines.

in more detail:

i have veritas 9.1 Rev 4691 running on a windows 2000 server and have
applied all updates/hotfixes that i've found available via the
Tools...Veritas Update...List Updates section of the veritas website.

After applying all the updates, I have run the RANT32 setup.exe on my other
windows boxes that i wish to back up remotely.

When i create a selection list and browse to each of these remote servers
and right-click and choose properties, the version number of the remote
agent is listed as 9.1.4691.14. This is also the version number of
beremote.exe if i look on each of those individual remote machines.

However, when i browse into the Remote Selections/Windows Network/ name>/ section and right click my media server, and select properties, the
agent version running on the server is 9.1.4691.35. Finding beremote.exe on
my media server, the version number listed in its properties is also
9.1.4691.35. I realize i can't and didn't install this remote agent on my
server, but since the beremote.exe is present and backups of files on my
media server say "agent used = yes", it appears to be being used.

Three questions:

1. should the version of beremote.exe on remote servers match that of
beremote.exe on my media server?

2. is there someplace in the veritas support website that details what
version(s) of agents should be running on remote machinese as well as on the
media server?

3. is it possible to and is there any benefit to trying to get the later
9.1.4691.35 agent onto my remote servers or should i not be concerned and
this is the expected behavior.