I have a very odd problem.

I am running BEWS 9.1 on a Dell 1650 running WIN2K3. Attached is a Dell
PV-132T robotic library with four PV-110T LTO tape drives. The device is
attached to an Adaptec SCSI card 39160.

When I run a job to the first drive (drive 1), the job status goes from queued
to loading media and back to being queued. It does this cycle continously
with out running.

The odd part is is that WIN2K3, BEWS 9.1, the SCSI card (when booting) and
the tape library itself all see four drives as being on-line with nothing
wrong. Yet, BEWS 9.1 cannot backup to drive 1. It can backup to the other
three drives no problem.

All firmware, drivers and cables have been checked and double-checked. Does
anbody have any ideas?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!