I've an IBM X225 server under Windows 2003 Server with a Seagate 96SP240 DAT.

I had some problem related to the Stroport.sys file problem (Veritas Document
ID 261728) with blue-screen error.
I have resolve this problem with new hotfix from Windows for Storport.syws
and hotfix 19 from Veritas Backup. It seems to be ok because I do not have
any blue screen error.

Unfortunatelly for me I have still another problem :

When Veritas Backup is trying to access the DAT, it eject the DAT itself
and indicate the Message "Error : 452 - When accessing a new tape of a multivolume
partition, the current block size is incorrect."

I have tried with several DAT (new and old one) and have every time the same
message. I also tried to uninstall Veritas Backup and install it again but
still the same effect.

Thank's for your help.