I have created a backup-to-folder device, ex.DEVICE0. I put this backup device
in PAUSE mode (in Veritas exec -- Devices tab -->right mouse button an choose
paused) and tried to resume the paused device with command:
bemcmd -o61 -d"DEVICE01" --> return value -1 --> backup device still pause
(checked with veritas backup exec --> Devices tab)
when i try command bemcmd -o64 --> number of available drivers:0 --> return
value 1
when i try command bemcmd -o65 --> number of paused drivers:0 --> return
value 1
I'm running + windows 2003 + Veritas Backup Exec v9.1 Rev 4691 and BEMCMD

It seems that the BEMCMD util doesn't work with the above command line. Could
someone pls. tell me how i can resolve this issue. Thanx.