I can't help but can add my name to the list - I'm trying to installing the
remote agent for version 9.1 from a W2000 server to a WXP workstation, and
I get the "file can not be used because it is being used by another process"
every time.

>"John Benson" wrote:
>>"AA" wrote:
>>>I am using BE 9.0
>>>I go to Tools > Seal No and Installtion .
>>>Pick Remote and then selct Remote Agent. It brings up list of al available
>>>PC and server.
>>>I can pick any server but this one machine (let say trgup, it has NT 4

>>>is always gives me error after I put in the credentials ( i am 1000% sure
>>>its the login and password issue). Some time the error is that "RPC servver
>>>is unavailable"
>>>and some time its says" file can not be used because it is being used

>>>another process" it never tells what file.
>>>Can any body help me


>I can't help you, but I will confirm the same experience. I am running

>Backup Exec for Windows 9.1 on an NTSP6A box trying to install the Advanced
>Open File OPtion (AOFO) on a Win2000 server. I had no trouble installing
>the remote agent and the AOFO on the same box. However, I had to do each
>manually rather than push it out from the server. I confirmed both services
>are running per the knowledge base articles that tell you how to do this.
> The manual installation never provided the opportunity to enter the Serial
>number of the AOFO SW so as to activiate it. I am therefore trying the

>option" from the server so I can at least push the serial # of the SW.

>am 1000% sure the account credentials are correct. Two messages occur,

>not at the same time - "The RPC Server is Unavailable", and "The process
>cannot access the file because it is being used by another process".