"sheri" wrote:
>Running 9.1 for 2003 SBS server. Backups were running fine until Monday

>Now failing and getting the above error when trying to create jobs. Also
>getting error, unable to connect to remote agent.
>All services have been stopped and restarted numerous times. Only running
>one server so no other severs to backup.
>Just installed service pack 1 and several hotfixes to no avail.
>Changed the user account for the services to local didn't work, then to

>- didn't work and then to a user who has domain admin rights - didn't work.
>Please Help!!

Hello Sheri,

You have to check these things:

1) Do you have a group policy applied for your servers on the domain ? If
yes check that you are allowing the Backup Exec Service Account to log on
locally and to log on as a service.
2) If you do not have such a policy, then go to the server (that holds the
agent or the media server, according to your problems) and do the above steps
for the local policy of the machine.
3) Lastly I had the same problem and it was corrected when I added the Backup
Exec Service Account that start the Agent Service on the machine in the Local
group of Backup Operators, when I did that it worked like a whiz !

I hope that helps your situation.

Cheers and Merry Christmas