On 19 Aug 2004 11:28:49 -0500, "Robert" wrote:

>"Jeff Bentivoglio" wrote:
>>My web log is showing over 2,500 connections to motcs.veritas.com. What

>>this site and why is my VBE 9.1 server attaching to it?

>I'm gettign the same damn thing. My firewall actually captures a bit more
>information, and I'm finding that my machine is the only one doing this out
>of two machines running VBE9.1
>The difference on my machine is I have direct assist on mine...what about
>Also, the log shows that the actual site is: motcs.veritas.com/mots/motserv
>What the hell? Come on Veritas!

It's been a while since you posted this, but it is the direct assist
application opening the http port to motcs.veritas.com. I noticed the
same thing a day after installing direct assist. You can kill the
direct assist service in services, but I just unistalled the damn
thing. Who the heck needs a hole open to their server to veritas 24
hours per day. Something must be really wrong with the application to
create this constant stream of communication. And who knows what type
of exploit it leaves you open to?

Anyhow I just thought I'd post what I found in case another person
comes searching about the same issue.

Cary Hostrawser
Eagle Tool & Design Inc.
IT Manager