Here's my setup. I run a full backup to disk on Saturday mornings. When
I do this, it creates a ton of the archive files on my disk. Then, on Sunday
morning, I backup these files to tape.

I'm running into a problem, not with the backup itself, but with the restore.
If I go back a few weeks and get some tapes, I can restore these tapes
just fine. When that restore is finished, I get the archive files in the
location from which they were taken. Now, I take my backup-to-disk folder
and inventory it. That works, too. However, when I try to catalog that
which I just inventoried, it fails. Says "one or more pieces of media being
cataloged has not yet been inventoried."

Am I doing something wrong while trying to restore this? Am I doing the
backup incorrectly in the first place?

I still need to get this working on the current backup set, but I see one
thing that I would LOVE to do. On the original backup-to-disk, I would
like to create standard ZIP files, one per drive per server that is being
backed up. Then, when I back these onto the tape, it can go in any format
it wants. This way, when I restore from the tape, I get a ton of ZIP files
that I can manually open and extract back to where they belong, plus I can
pick and choose what I want to restore easily. Is this possible with Backup

Thanks for your help!