hello ,


every thursday veritas is backing my exchange2000 i-store and mailboxes brick
level,and every day after i am backing the i-store in full backup,in the
exchange backup tab in the :"Mailbox backup method" i am choosing :"Differential-
Backup changed messages" so the mailbox backup time is faster,but when i
want to restore for example "calendar" or calendar all the appointments are
doubled and i see every appointment twice....... (the procedure i do : first
i am restoring from the last good full mailbox calendar media,and see its
ok as uasual,now after the restore completed,i am choosing for example monday
backup that was in mailbox method differential,and the result is that i got
every item twice......should i need to do this in one job ? or should i restore
only from differential ?
what can i do for restore a good diffrential mailbox job ? how the way of
"mailbox backup method -differential -backup changes messeges works ?

avi azerrad