Hi all,

We are using Backup Exec 9.0 rev. 4454. for individual mailbox backups on
our Exchange5.5 servers.

A mailbox was accidently deleted and needed to be restored. We created a
new mailbox with the same name and associated user account.

We used the Exchange redirect option and started a restore. Backup Exec displays
job status "Successful" with a byte count above 50.000.000.

Mailbox resources in Exchange Administrator verifies this and displays a
total number of items above 3000.

When the mailbox is opened there is only one mail in the mailbox. This is
the mail from Backup Exec informing the user, that a restore has started.
If we use Outlook Properties for the mailbox, it confirms that there is
only 1 item in the mailbox.

There are no errors in the event log on the Exchange Server or on the Backup
Exec Server.

Has anyone else heard of or experienced this problem?