Was trying to upgrade recently from 9.0 to 9.1.
I have 9.0 using locally installed SQL server instead of MSDE.

During upgrade I've selected DLO option and installation started
installing MSDE on the server without asking my permission first!

It is nowhere mentioned that (as I've found out later) that DLO
_requires_ MSDE (which I think, is still wrong).

I had to uninstall MSDE instance, which gave me _a lot_ of problems with
existing SQL installation (production, btw) - had to re-apply SP3 to
restore somewhat correct functionality of our SQL DB.
(So, beware! If you have setup with local SQL, try to avoid using DLO
when upgrading. Or do not uninstall MSDE BE instance).

I managed to upgrade fine when I unchecked DLO from setup.

Can someone from Veritas clear up this confusion of using existing SQL
vs. MSDE and DLO options?

Trisys, Inc.