I've read the BE 8.6 manual for restoring a Win2K server and its
corresponding services. I've rehearsed a disaster recover for NT4 before
with Exchange running on it. But SBS 2000 is an integrated product and I've
not had to restore a SBS2000 installation before. A disaster has not yet
happened - I'm trying to catch problems before the fact.

Assuming a standalone SBS2000 SP4 installation (Win2K, Exchange 2K, MSSQL
2K) using most of its included services, and BE 8.6 with Exchange and SQL
agents (I'll stay away from 9 for the time being), and assuming NOT using
Intelligent Disaster Recovery (I've done this on NT4 without IDR with much
success), what does restoring a SBS2000 machine take?

If possible I'd like to avoid reinstalling EVERYTHING, so I save reinstall
time and get a bare bones Win2K Server with which I could restore to. I
should be able to restore the Exchange and SQL installations from the tape,
and I can later restore the Exchange and SQL mail store and databases.

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