I have an open case with Veritas on tape alerts we are getting with an Exabyte
430 library and a M2 drive. We are using a Compaq DL360 server running Windows
2003. We have a Adaptec 29160 SCSI card up to date with BIOS and drivers.
We have new cables to the 430 unit. The 430 and M2 have latest firmware.
Backup Exec is at 9.1. Veritas drivers are being used. Jobs complete but
we get tape alerts. We have looked at all things and have found no solution
to date. Here are the alerts.

Critical - The operation has failed:
1. Eject the tape or magazine.
2. Reinsert the tape or magazine.
3. Restart the operation.
Robotic Library: EXABYTE 1
Drive: EXABYTE 2
Slot: 7

Anyone else seen this with this library or have suggestions. These issues
appeared about the time we upgraded to version 9 and switched from a 210
library to a 430.