Windows 2000 SP4, using Microsoft drivers, BENT 8.6 3878

Just installed a new DLT library, it is the second one on the server.
Other library is working fine.

I flipped one backup over to the new library, and it fails with a CRC
error when (event ID 7) it loads the second tape in the set.

It did it twice last night, both times when loading the second tape.
Brand new media, and the second time I tried to run the job I used
another set of brand new media...

The two libraries are on separate SCSI controllers.

Any ideas? I tried a test backup yesterday during the day and had no
problems running the sane job, I did not let it finish, but it was well
into it's second tape. I've read 192216, but it's odd I'm only getting
this on the tape flip...