Win2000 server
Backup Exec 8.6

Backups had been working fine - single tape drive- full backup each week
night on one of 5 tapes. Started to get CRC error on Wednesday and Friday
tapes only. Purchased 3 new tapes -10/20 GB travan just like the ones in
use. The drive does not 'see' the new tapes (or the 2 old ones.) When you
insert one of these tapes the drive does run and the tape spins and shows as
blank media - if you try to label the tape or erase it you get the CRC error
or an error that says something about the tape being written in an unknown
format. Cold rebooted the server - re-installed (over the top) the BE
software, ran the cleaning tape several times. NTbackup also sees the tapes
so it seems the drive does work.
The backups work with the 3 old tapes (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday) but will
not erase, or label or run any of the 3 new tapes or the 2 older ones it was
having problems with. Any ideas? Please, someone, write - see that - did
this - fixed it.