Hello, quick question re:Backup Exec 9.00.4367.

We've installed the Remote Agents to several machines on our network. On
the 'Backup' screen from my job/media server, I can right-click those member
servers and see that the remote agent is 'yes, 9.00.4367, running'. Looks
ok from here.

However, when I run the backup job, the Job History section always states
'No' in the 'Agent used' section. Thats where my confusion lies.....

Does the term "Agent Used" mean the standard remote agent? or does it mean
special agents (like sql server agent)? Should it say "Yes" if I've
installed the remote agent properly?

If it should say 'yes', then what am I doing wrong? Our backups are running
successfully, albeit slow.

Thanks for responding.