I'm having trouble with backing up System State on Win2k domain controllers.
I DO NOT have problems backing up DC System State in the domain where the
backup server resides. This happens when I try to backup System State on a
DC that resides in a different domain from the backup server. There are no
explicit or transitive trusts between the 2 domains. I am having permission
issues whenever backup runs. Message "access denied, administrator
privileges are required," appear. The backup server runs under a domain
admin backup service account in one domain, and I do a "Attach As" to the
destination domain's DC using a domain admin account in that domain. The
attach as account has the 'log on as service' right. Is this possible to
accomplish? Or is trust necessary to make this work? We would prefer not
to create any external trusts or run separate backup servers in separate

Note, System State backup is successful on member servers in the destination
domain. Only fails on Domain Controllers.