This is in Backup Exec 8.5 on a Windows 2000 Server. About once every 2 weeks,
it will report a tape as being . The problem is that once it
has done this, it will not remove this error from my Devices tab. From that
point forward, it leaves that message there no matter what tape I put in.
And as long as that message is there, no other job, inventory or erase will
run. The only way that I can get around it is to completely uninstall Backup
Exec (removing ALL files) and reinstall it. I do not see this exact problem
in the Veritas KB. I have tried disabling my device, deleting it, uninstalling
it from my Device Manager, reinstalling Veritas tape drivers, restarting
services, rebooting the server. When I put everything back, it still reports
. Even if the drive is Empty. I don't want to have to reinstalled
BE every 2 weeks. Any thoughts? Thanks.