I'm testing 9.0 with Server 2003 and I can't get it to select all of the Shadow
Copy Components. Shadow Copy Components has a check mark, but under System
State (which has a check mark) there are all slashes like the items aren't
being selected below them. I get an error at the end of the backup that
in order to fully protect the server I have to 'Select Shadow Copy Components'.
Under Service state it selects Event Logs and Windows Management Instrumentation.
But, under System State it has a slash on all the subcomponents (System
Files, Com+, Registry and IIS), but System Files under System Files is grayed
out, Com+ REGDB under Com+ Class Registration Database is grayed out, Registry
under Registry is grayed out and IISMETABASE under Internet Information Services
is grayed out.

I'm testing the 4454 version of BE90 and I installed all the patches I could
find. I've pushed and re-pushed the agent to the 2003 server.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance...