we use a Dell DLT1 ( latest firmware v26) on Windows 2000 SP4 and BE 8.6
running on a Dell PE 2400.
Two of ten HP tapes ( CF5141F) caused failing backup jobs, event id 7 ...
the media statistic shows hard errors
the job mostly stops while verifying after a 24 GB job ( soft compression ).
the tapes were appr. 25 times in use.
So we ordered two new CF5141F tape.
Both show the same errors, one hard read error, the other one hard write
two tries per media, each time a failing backup job. (between the tries I
performed a long erase)
The job stopps roughly at the same time as before with the same media.
So I meen, that can only be bad media.
In the meantime the had a lot of error free running backup jobs.

On Dells website I found the recommendation for using Fuji Media with
their DLT drives, so I ordered 5 new Fuji DLTTapeIV Media.
But the first three I tried show the same errors.
backup is running for 30 or 60 min and stops this write errors.

We have still no problems with 8, one year old, HP media.
We DLT drive was replaced by Dell one month ago.
Lates driver, lates firmware.
I've no trick left. I'm still waiting for a hint by Dell Support.
Unfortunately I can't test the new media in another drive. ( one try in a
Quantum DLT 8000 failed, the tapes doesn't recognized)
I can't believe that 7 new media are defect, but one the other site, the
backup runs fine with 8 existing media.
Dells diagnistic disk runs error free too.
All what we want is new media which run without errors.

Any Ideas?
Thanks for each hint.