I have a client running BENT8.6 SBS edition.

I have set it up so that the tape ejects after the backup - that is how they
are used to it from a previous system, and they like that.

The only problem is that if they forget to change a tape one night, the job
queues and then runs in the morning when they change the tape for the next
night, and then pops out in the middle of the day.

That night the job queues again, and the same thing happens the next
morning. Once they get out of sync they will often run backups during the
day rather than at night for the next week or so until someone notices.

Under BENT 9 I found a place where you could specify that a job should be
cancelled if it runs for more than X hours, but I can't find this under
version 8.6.

Is it an option? If so where do I get it?