I work for the IT department at a state horse hospital. 1 of are new computers
that has Windows XP Pro sp1 has a travan tape drive in it that came from
an nt 4 computer. The tape drive does get identifies in device manager woithout
any extra drivers so I know it's compatable. The reason i did this is so
that a Dr. could get his old images if he need to. But Windows Xp pro's
backup utilty will nmot read his tapes so, I loaded his old tape driuve softare
4.0 b from segate and it wokred. But it slows down the logon process at loading
your perosnal setting and it will randomly give a bsod DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE
This occurs during shutdown sometimes to. What should I do? Is there an upgrade
available or do I need to but a different softare package?