Who can shed some light on this.
We are running BE 9.0 build 4454 on one Windos 2000 server (the media
server), and are backing up from this server plus one remote Windows 2000
server using the remote agent.
Currently there are several hotfixes available.
What is the best way to handle hotfixes?

1) Install all hotfixes, or only the onces that might be related to problems
we have?
2) Install the hotfixes in order of their number, or in order of their
release date?
3) Do we have to reboot after each hotfix install?
4) For some hotfixes (for instance hotfix 8) it is stated that these have to
be installed on the media server as well as on the remote server. Does that
mean that we have to run the hotfix executable on both the media server and
the remote server, or does it mean that the remote agent has to be
reinstalled on the remote server after installing the hotfix on the media
server. Or maybe both has to be done?

Thanks for any info you can give us.

Ed van Balen