I'm using Backup Exec 9.0 under Windows 2000 with a Scalar 1000 AIT-2 tape
library. These two products have never seemed to get along well, but
tonight I saw a bug so bad I had problems believing it was true. The
library ejected a tape shortly after insertion into an AIT-2 drive. Backup
Exec 9.0 proceeded to report the tape as inserted and the Job Monitor
actively shows the byte count being written to the tape as incrementing!!
This went on for 30 minutes before I left. If I believed the software, my
backup was on the tape with label 336. But staring into the drive, as
clear as night and day, the tape with label 336 was ejected and no write
activity was taking place on the drive at all.

This removes my confidence in the Backup Exec product. If the software
reports statistics about a tape should I believe it? If the software tells
me my backup was written to a specific tape, should I believe it? I don't
understand how such a gross error was possible, but I'm quite sure there was
no duplicate label in the library or any other drive, and I'm quite sure
that Backup Exec was repeatedly reporting write activity to a tape that was
not mounted into any tape drive.

What could cause something like this to happen?


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