NSVR.EXE & PVLSVR.exe app. failed to initialize

I have 6 NT4.0 servers all same service pack 6a. Installed the MS hotfix
MS03-039 on all of them. Only one came back with errors.
Upon restart I got a window error NSRV.exe appliaction failed to initialize.

(0xc0000022). This error is followed by another error substituting the exe
with PVLSVR.exe.
The next error is the services error that also shows up in the event log.
"could not start backup...agent browser on server. Error 1068:the dependency
service or grp failed to start. Of course this results in the other 5-6
b. exec service to fail.
Also get the messages, after a new restarted, manually starting the b.up
exec services, and going into b.up exec.
I uninstalled the app. restarted w/out any errors. Reinstalled and got the
messages during the install.
I don't believe the patch has anything to do with the issue, since we have
company wide over 100 servers running backup exec and NT that did not have
this issue.
Any suggestions or answers are most appreciated.
ooh running backup exec 8.6