I have a very unusual problem.

Media Server Backup Exec 9.0 release 4454
OS: Windows 2003 Std
Stand alone server in workgroup
Netbios off
NIC 1IP private nonroutable management network (for backups
NIC 2 Standard IP public and routable

Remote servers:
Mix of windows 2000 Std and Advanced server
Remote agent deployed manually (setupaa.cmd) on all 20 ver 4454
Netbios off
NIC 1 IP private nonroutable management network (for backups)
NIC 2 Standard IP public and routable
Most servers are setup as stand alone in worgroup
Two groups of servers in their own domains ( 2 servers each)

Through remote selections I can connect to all servers created as user
defined selections. However the servers that are in the two domains have
the system state and admin shares greyed out. However user shares can be
accessed without a problem. When I click on the greyed out items I get the
following message
[A message box saying "Selection of this item is disabled. You are not
authorized to access this item, a license key for Backup Exec Remote Agent
for Windows Server is not installed on the machine or the Remote Agent is
old or incompatible." is displayed when trying to select drives on the
remote server.]

I have spoken to Veritas and they have sent me various links, but none of
their solutions have resolved problem.

Please note we have a 25 CAL for the remote agent and we have it installed
on 20 servers.

If someone has seen this behavior before or can help let me know.

Thanks in advance

Simon Hall