please can someone help me with this....

I have 8.50 latest build installed onto an NT4 SP6 server with the remote
agent installed on a Win2k member server on the same LAN but in a different
domain which I want to backup from the NT4 Server.

Firslty I couldnt find a way of installing the remote agent without running
the install directly from the Win2K server because it couldn't authenticate.

I am trying to backup the Win2K server from the NT 4 Server but apparently
my credentials are incorrect - I know they are not. I have tried numerous
users - ensuring they have privilieges to the $ share on the remote server.
I can map a drive from a command prompt to the $ share on the Win2k server
with no problems. I have uninstalled backup exec server and the remote agent.
I have completely deleted any trace of veritas on both servers then reinstalled
and still I have this problem whereby I cannot authenticate to this server
through the Backup exec interface The command prompt does not have this authentication
problem. BTW there is a 2 way trust between these domains.

I am also sure that I have absolutely no sessions open between the servers
when the authentication in Backup exec is trying to take place.

Please, please can anyone help me?