I've seen a couple of old posts with the same problem, but nothing recent
/ no solutions, so here goes:

We backup to disk each night on a dedicated server (8.6 build 3878), which
then dumps the resulting files to tape. The disks in question are a RAID
V array, directly attached to the server, NTFS partition. The array is consistent,
and CHKDSK is happy in life. The jobs all appear to complete without a hitch.
However, on attempting to restore the data we're getting the errror "An
inconsistency was encountered on the media set in device ...", and the relevant
entry in the NT event log (57612). I'm fairly convinced that the file is
corrupt, because NTBackup reports a similar error as does a trial version
of Backup Exec v9. Emailing Veritas' technical support has had no response
(amazingly enough).

I am seriously angry that Veritas seem to take no ownership of a potentially
catastrophic flaw in an expensive piece of software. Essentially, I cannot
have any confidence in any of our backups, and even if we are able to make
the system work again for the moment I cannot have faith that it will continue
to perform properly given the (in my opinion) extensive testing that was
performed initially. The only solution I can see is to test restore each
and every backup to be certain that it actually works, rather than merely
verifies (which, silly me, I always thought was a pretty good guarantee that
the data was readable).

If anyone has had experience with a similar problem, any help would be very

Thanks in advance,
Pete Appleton