A number of Backup Exec users have this problem. The strange thing is that
no-one seems to know why this message is displayed. I managed to sort this
out on my system so I thought I would share what I found in order to make
it work!

I upgraded a system from BE Version 7 to Version 9 as I upgraded my PDC to
Windows 2000. I have both the Exchange Agent and the Netware Agent installed.

However, although Version 7 worked without any problems on my old server
and Version 9 worked for a while, it stopped running scheduled backups leaving
me with the "Loading Media" message. This is what users seem to report.

It took a LONG time to work this out, but in my case, the reasons were actually

When I configured BE9 at first, I found all the Alerts very annoying so I
turned them off. I configured some "Run Now" backups and some Scheduled
ones and they all worked. After about 2 months my backups stopped working
with the "Loading Media" error message.

I tried new SCSI drivers for the controller (Adaptec 1542CP) and the HP DDS4
drive. Didn't work. Open file option - not installed - couldn't be that.
I set overwrite protection for 0 HOURS (under the MEDIA section). I then
configured all alerts in the BEUTIL utility to say YES/OK for all alerts.
(You have to reboot the machine before this takes effect!) Didn't work.

I noticed that by running scheduled jobs with an almost immediate start time
that occasionally the machine "beeped". This led me to examine the ALERT
list. When I clicked on the topmost alert I noticed that the job started.
This led me to the solution....

Inadvertently, I had configured the media to "prompt me before overwriting
allocated or imported media". I then turned this off in Tools/Options/Media
Management. The reason for the "Loading Media" message was that the alert
prompt (OK to overwrite?) was NOT visible because it was turned OFF! The
system was waiting for user input. The messages displayed do NOT indicate

I then had a problem whereby the job got to 99% and didn't complete. (Others
have reported this too). This was caused by the Job completed alert requiring
a prompt to say OK after the tape had ejected in order to finish the job.
This problem was rectified by configuring this alert to automatically clear
it after 1 minute. (Go to Alerts/ Configure alerts categories / Media Remove).
I suspect that users report that sometimes jobs work as keyboard presses
are sometimes stored in the keyboard buffer and the the OK's to the prompts
are receiving these when the job works.

I really hope this helps someone...... It certainly gave me a real headache!