I have BE version 8.6 running on Windows 2000 Server, brand new install.
Using HP SureStore 818 library with ONE drive (8 slots). All my media is
coming up as "cleaning tape" no matter if its old (20/40) or new (40/80).
All "new" media (40/80) was used in this exact drive before, but for backing
up UNIX boxes, running different backup application through the UNIX servers.
Article # 190522 doesn't help because this library has only ONE drive -
can't switch IDs back and forth because only one ID being used. I have tried
unchecking all the "cleaning slot" boxes on all slots. I have tried re-labelling
the tapes. I have tried both lnog and short erases on the tapes. I have
the most recent device drivers from Veritas, I believe, since I downloaded
the whole schebang yesterday. I have deleted each instance of cleaning media
from the "all Media" section. There were no other entries in there other
than "cleaning media" because that's all the drive will see ANYTHING as.
I have disabled the "Removable Storage" service. I have tried all this
with just one tape in the whole library, and with up to 6 tapes, so there
is an empty slot.

So - in other words, I've tried just about every possible fix that I could
find described on this forum, and I am still stuck with about 50 DLT tapes
that are known to have worked on this drive before, but are now appearing
ONLY as "Cleaning Tapes".

Can anyone come up with something new for me to try?

And once more... The library has only ONE drive, so please don't suggest
article # 190522 -- it doesn't apply to my situation.