I have the newest Back-up Exec. 9.0 trying to install on Win2kSP3 server
running SQL 2000 with latest SP.

I was able to install it just fine, but then received "database not
found" errors. So I tried to uninstall it, but that didn't work. So I
manually deleted everything per the instructions on the Veritas site.
Now, when I try to reinstall it, I have a few problems.

1. The HTML page that shows the installation summary before the install
begins says "Page not found".
2. The install quits right away with a windos that says: "1: 2755 2: 3 3:"
The error logs says:
05-29-2003,10:35:44 : *** Log Line Missing ***
05-29-2003,10:35:44 : DEBUG: Error 2755: Server returned unexpected
error 3 attempting to install package .
05-29-2003,10:35:44 : ERROR: 1: 2755 2: 3 3:

I have BE 9.0 (current build) running on four other servers without a hitch.

Any ideas?


Jason Fischer