I recently noticed when trying to do a restore on one of our backup servers
that BENT wasn't recording catalogues to the server, on investigation I
found that at some point the storage media-based catalogues option had been
turned on, so obviously I had to catalogue the tapes to get the information
on what they contained.

Once I'd finished I turned the option off, as I'm not keen on waiting for
ages for the tape to catalogue before I can make use of them to perform a
restore. However, I'm now finding that BENT is still not saving the
catalogues to the hard disk, and when I tried to do a restore of a backup
created after turning the option off, I again ran a catalogue job, but this
time it failed to locate any restore information, eg I'm seeing no
additional dates appear in restore selections, specifically the jobs which I
know are on those tapes.

Does anyone know of a way around this? I guess I could turn the storage
media-based option back on, so at least I can get at any future backup data,
but that is not my ideal option.