Hi All

We have an issue on 2 out of about 40 servers running backup exec 8.5 r3572

The job hangs (often when backing up a sql database) the only way to stop
is to stop the services from running so we can swap the tapes over.

When the services stop it causes a blue screen and often with the following

Stop: 0x000000076 (0x000000000, 0x8856DE020, 0x000000010, 0x00000000)
Stop: 0x000000CB (0xBF8D2201, 0xBF8C3AB3, 0x887ED4A8, 0x88D7B554)

I have check DrWatsons reports and they show:

Application exception occurred:
App: bengine.exe (pid=2200)
When: 25/11/2002 @ 16:33:34.974
Exception number: c0000005 (access violation)

We have applied hotfix 22 which is for the open file but this hasn't fxed
the issue.

The two servers are win 2000, they have SP2 and SP3 - There are different
devices, scsi controllers but the error codes are the same.

Please if anyone has seen this can offer further help I would be greatful