I use the command line to submit all my jobs to Backup Exec because I use
another scheduling software other than BE's. I have a situation where once
a month both my Full Backup and Differential Backup run on the same night.
The Full is the correct one to run so I want to cancel the Diff. The command
to do this is: BEMCMD -o20 -i. Problem I am having is capturing that
job id. When the Diff B/U is submitted, I can see the job id returned. My
question is how can I take the job id that is returned and put it into the
cancel command automatically.

Is the job id returned to a variable, so that I could simply do something
like this:

BEMCMD -o20 -i%variable_name%

If not, how can I accomplish this automatically, because these B/U's run
at 2:00 in the morning..