I have a problem with installing remote agents, I have readed the newsgroup
i hope to find an ans
I have a problem with installing remote agents. I have read the newsgroup
in hope to find an answer but haven’t got the any thing yet.

Backupexec 9.0, Win2k sp0
PIII 1Ghz, 256 mb RAM (a no name model)

The remote agents are working, but I can’t see them in the install menu.
In the Remote install menu there are two entries “Windows Agent/Options Computers”
and “Netware Agent servers” and that’s it! I can choose to “Add remote computer”
or “Add remote computer manually” by right clicking on the “Windows Agent/Options
Computers” entry, and there is no problem with the installations of the remote

But I can’t see the agents that are already installed? And there by I have
problems with uninstalling the remote agents.

Any one knows why?

Yours truly,

Poul Nielsen