Does anyone have access to a FAQ that
summarizes the current weaknesses of the
9.0's latest release (revision 4367 SP1)?

I am sure we can all agree that Veritas has
this information but I imagine that most of us
would be willing to bet that they will refuse
to publish it despite the obvious benefits to
their customers.

If no third-party Backup Exec 9.x "issues"
FAQ exists, members of this forum could
help by furnishing whatever information they
have regarding the problems they have had
in their environments (or by posting any other
issues they know to exist from other sources).

From these postings, we could easily craft a
summary of the current known problems,
patches (both public and private), suggested
workarounds and general installation advice.

Some of the questions I would like answered
include the following:

Are there any patterns to these problems?

If so, what areas of the program seem to be
giving the most problems?

Do the current problems principally involve ...

1. specific OS version(s)?
2. specific agents
3. specific features

Also, How well does the upgrade process
work from the various 8.x versions?

The latest version appears to be Backup Exec 9.0
revision 4367 Service Pack 1:

Please correct me if I am wrong, but the following patches
appear to be the only ones available to the public.

Hotfix 10 - Exchange restore failure:

Hotfix 13 - Excludes Selection List allows only one entry:

Hotfix 14 - Memory leak:

Hotfix 7 - Remote Agent may delete files from root:

Thanks in advance,


"Dominic Thomas" wrote:
> Not here, no... I upgraded from 8.6 to 9.0 at the same time as I took the
> backup server from NT4 to Serevr 2003, and although it started out well

> been getting worse every day, and the whole backup strategy is now failing
> completely! I suggest you look through the (many) complaints about V9 in
> this group to get an idea of what you're letting yourself in for - the

> looks great on paper, but doesn't actually appear to be finished quite