I do restore using IDR on 2 Domain Controller and 6 member server. all of
the server runnig microsoft SQL server 2000. I install all the option during
installation like open file option and etc. I perform backup and all the
backup succesful and i create the IDR diskette and succesfull. I upgrade
all the server
Harddisk and perform restore using IDR. On the member server, the IDR restore
was succesful. when i login using the local administrator, i not able to
login. The message"Your user profile cannot be found. Default profile will
be use. Your account have been logout" appear and the login screen appear
again. When i login using others users, i will be able to login but a lot
of services fail. When I perform IDR on the Domain controller, the restore
successful. When the server restart, the message " Active Directory currrupt."
So how can i resolve these probelms? Is that any happen with my hardware?
hope all of the experts can help me

many thanks
eng lee