Sorry this is a bit lenghty but it's been a saga and I really need to get
it resolved.

We have finally narrowed down a problem we have been dealing with for quite
some time. When this started the remote server had both the remote and OFO
agent 8.5 runing. Since I thought the OFO agent was part of the problem we
have removed them and just run a backup on the directories without. So we
have a backup server with 8.5 Rev. 3571, which we are not going to upgrade
due to even more mysterious issues with those upgrades, backing up a remote
Win2k server sp3 which crashes when a corrupt file is encountered.

Now the problem has been narrowed down to the server crashing when the backup
job encounters a corrupt file, any ideas on how to fix the remote server?
It's worth noting a check disk on the system doesn't find a corrupt file
and the backup has been running successfully for atleast 3 weeks until today.

Log file error message;
Backup set #216 on storage media #3
Backup set description: "ProdWeb1 Acsysweb Daily"
Backup Type: NORMAL - Back Up Files - Reset Archive Bit
Backup started on 4/4/2003 at 6:31:00 AM.
WARNING: "\Acsysweb\Acsys2000\cptv\Capitol Report Archive\Kim-Underage Drinking.mp3"
is a corrupt file.
This file cannot verify.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
The item \Acsysweb\Acsys2000\cptv\Capitol Report Archive\lynos naacp cut.mp3
in use - skipped.
The item \Acsysweb\Acsys2000\cptv\Capitol Report Archive\WSFTP32.dll in use
- skipped.
A failure occurred while scanning the objects contained in \Acsysweb\Acsys2000\cptv\Capitol
Report Archive.
Not all objects contained within were backed up.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Directory not found. Can not backup directory \Acsysweb\Acsys2000\Directions
and its subdirectories.
Directory not found. Can not backup directory \Acsysweb\Acsys2000\DirectionsCT
and its subdirectories.