I am getting better at becoming an more knowledgeable user of BackupExec...I
like the program so far....I am having fun making Media sets for differential,
full backupa and special backups....mvoing tapes to scratch media...set Overrite
protection to full with 13 day protection, infinite append....seems to be
working fine.

I found the system was set up by other another consultant with NONE Proteciton...tapes
were labelled identical between site so it was confusing when you take a
tape to another site...so I renamed all tapes to reflect the site...works

I even setup up as default SHOW PROCESSING so I can get % complete as a job

Question1: Is there a way to take a tape and ask for another VERIFY job
on what it backed up a few hours earlier? I have not seen that option.
It would be useful to see if an error reported on the initial verify is repeated...Also
I couild then set to LOG all details and see what particular file failed....

The backup portion of the job recorded all went fine..the verify failed...but
on what file....

Do I have to resort to a complete Write / verify session with LOGs set to
record all details?

Question 2:

Is there any reason whey Backup exec team did not design message windows
with more information..when a tape is ejected when it finds the wrong tape
inserted? For instance: Tape ZZZZZZ not accepted....Allowable tapes are:zzzzzzzzz.
OR Wrong tape detected, looking for Tape Cartridge Label: ZZZZZZ for JOB

This would make it easier for a user to find out why a tape is ejected?
I am sure there are MANY systems out there with ONE tape drive where the
user manually inserts tape..any info on the screen would be helpful...

I know a competing product do that from experience I have a few years back.
Is this a known product improvement request?

For instance I notice when I setup a restore...the system just waits a job
monitor says loading media...that is now....it does not display a screen:
Please insert the following tape: ZZZZZZ to complete job requested? AM I
right on this ...or maybe the system I have has displays disabled somehow?

Question 3:

Are there any known problem with backing up QUICKbooks Pro 2002 files ...I
notice ther is a smal QBW file and a 20 MB .QBI file. DUring the day, the
finance dept has it open and I get an error that the file is corrupted.

When Qquick books was closed today, I copied the the 2 files to another drive
and did a backup to that drive. I notice tonight that the system has a verify
error on the tape. It may not be related to the QBI file...since I have
to analyze further tomorrow. Any known problems?

Can a QBI / QBW file be saved with files open by a user? or must the program
be closed at the end of the day before the backup?

Thanks for any help.

...Mario Guerrero